Summer Camps

Below is the list of members of the Jefferson High School Basketball Hall of Fame. Congratulations to all the members for this outstanding achievements on the court.

Name Entry Position     Year Inducted
Sid Wingfield Center 1962
Dave Long Center 1964
Al Jenkins Guard 1965
Pat Driscoll Guard 1966
Robert Sample Guard 1966
Gay Dahn Head Coach 1967
Robert "RJ" Noonan Assistant Coach 1967
Larry Lawrence Guard 1967
Larry Baker Center 1967
Jim Nance Forward 1967
BJ Trickey Guard 1967
Tom Mullin Forward 1969
Tom Holland Center 1970
Robert "Fog" Allen Assistant Coach 1971
Brad Trickey Guard 1971
Rusty Hamilton Forward 1972
Jim Lockett Head Coach 1974
Dean Uthoff Center 1976
Mike Kenney Guard 1977
Ed Uthoff Center 1978
Brad Peters Forward 1980
Jeff High Forward 1981
Bob Driscoll Forward 1984
Mike Ivester Center 1986
Cam Johnson Guard 1989
Sean Tighe Guard 1991
Colin Mattiace Center 1992
Tory Meiborg Guard 1993
Steve Ulrich Forward 1994
Brent Striegel Guard 1994
Bruce Sain Forward 1996
Bernard Dutchik Guard 1996
Tim Schroeder Guard 1996
Jackson Jones Forward 1997
Andrew Tower Forward 1999
Cole Johansen Assistant Coach 2005
Dirk Dunbar Assistant Coach 2007
Steve Hilby Assistant Coach 2008
Scott Kibby Assistant Coach 2009
Claudell Mims Guard 2009