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This list includes many of the best forwards and centers in Jefferson basketball history.


Dave Long – 1962 – Dave was the top scorer and a strong inside force on several of the early J-Hawk squads.  The 6’4” forward led the J-Hawks to a 19-4 finish his senior season and was named 2nd team All-State.  

Larry Baker – 1967 – His 6’ 8” height, great strength, and fine jumping ability were key in helping Larry control the middle during the J-Hawks state title season.  He averaged 19.3 points and 13.2 rebounds as a senior and was selected 1st Team All-State. Larry was also chosen as a member of the J-Hawk basketball Hall of Fame in 1984

Jim Nance – 1967 – The stocky 6’4” lefty was a deadly mid-range shooter and a strong rebounder.  A school record 36-point performance and 14.9 average helped him earn 4th Team All-State honors as he helped the J-Hawks win the state title.

Tom Holland –1970- Tom was a lanky 6’8” player, who possessed a soft shooting touch and an aggressive style on the boards. As a senior, he averaged 25.6 points and 17.8 rebounds. He put together a tremendous 37-point, 41 rebound game as a senior. Tom was named 1st Team All-State and honored as an All-American in 1970. 

Rusty Hamilton – 1972 – Rusty blossomed into an excellent 6’6” shooter during his senior season.  His 403 points during the 1971-72 season ranks him among the top scorers for a season at Jefferson.  Rusty was named 4th Team All-State in 1972.

Dean Uthoff – 1976 – Dean used his tremendous strength and 6’11” size to clean the boards.  He is the all-time career leader in rebounding with 919, and 2nd in career scoring at 1010 points.  Averaging 22.2 points and 17.2 rebounds his senior year, Dean was selected 1st Team All-State and All-American in 1976.

Ed Uthoff – 1978 – Ed used his 6’6” frame to pound the boards inside and was also an effective scorer.  As a senior, he dropped in 19.5 points and grabbed 11 rebounds per game.  Ed was selected 4th team All-State in 1978.

Brad Peters – 1980 – Great jumping ability and a nice touch around the paint helped this 3-year varsity performer finish his career with 611 points and 347 rebounds. Brad was selected to the J-Hawk basketball Hall-of-Fame in 1984.

Jeff High – 1981 – Jeff was an accurate mid-range shooter with fine jumping ability. The 6’5” forward averaged 17.8 points in 1981 and was chosen 3rd Team All-State.

Bob Driscoll – 1984 – Bob could take his strong, 6’3” frame inside or out.  The lefty was a solid all-around player, ranking high in career points 707, free throws 155, and rebounds 362.  He averaged 16 points per game as a senior.

Mike Ivester – 1986 – Mike matured into a 6’9” post player as a senior.  He was a fine short-range shooter and an intimidating shot-blocker on defense.  His 21.2 scoring average during the 85-86 season earned him 4th Team All-State honors.

Colin Mattiace – 1992 – Colin was a consistent 3-year starter and leader for Jefferson.  At 6’4”/220, he was a bull on the inside and a fine passing post man.  He helped the J-Hawks to the state tourney and was named 2nd Team All-State as a senior.

Steve Ullrich – 1994 – Steve used his slender 6’4” frame to finesse his opposing big men.  He used his quickness at the defensive end to lead the team in steals. An excellent shooter and good jumper, he averaged 18.2 points per game and earned 2nd Team All-State honors in 1994.

Jackson Jones – 1998 – Jackson used his 6’6” body to play a very physical game inside.  His ability to score inside, outside, and at the line enabled him to set the career free throw and scoring records.  Jackson was selected twice as a 1st Team All-Stater.



This list includes many of the best wings and guards in Jefferson basketball history.


Al Jenkins - 1965 – Al had an excellent jump shot from the outside and could also drive well.  He is one of the top scoring guards in Jefferson history with 874 career points.  He led the J-Hawks to a 2nd place finish at the state tournament in 1965. Al set a single game scoring record with 34 points and is 5th on the list of all time J-Hawk scorers.  He was a 4th Team All-State selection as a junior, 2nd as a senior.

Pat Driscoll –1966 – Pat was a fine shooter and floor leader.  He tallied 15 points a game while leading the J-Hawks to a 15-5 record in 1965.  He was selected to the Jefferson basketball Hall-of-Fame in 1984.

BJ Trickey – 1967 – BJ was fine shooter and great competitor.  He was the outside threat on the “1967” state championship team, with a 17.4 average.  He totaled 750 career points and was selected 1st Team All-State as a senior.

Larry Lawrence – 1967 – Larry was one of the best athletes in J-Hawk history.  A great passer and ballhandler, he also displayed excellent leadership ability.  Larry led the team in assists while also chipping in 14.9 points per game as he received 3rd team All-State honors in 1967.

Brad Trickey – Brad was one of the most consistent scoring guards in J-Hawk history.  He averaged 17.5 points as a junior, and followed that up with a 21.3 mark during his senior campaign.  He was recognized by the voters as a 1st Team All-State selection in 1971, and also has a spot in the J-Hawk Hall-of-Fame.

Cam Johnson – 1989 – Cam set the Jefferson season scoring record at 573 points and had a 27.3 average while leading the J-Hawks to a conference title in 1989.  His outside shooting, ability to get to the line, and strength to finish allowed him to score in a variety of ways.   After setting the single season scoring record at 42 during his senior season, Cam was selected 1st Team All-State and as a member of the “McDonald’s” All-American Team.

Tory Meiborg – 1993 – Tory set the standards for 3-pt. shooting as he canned 110 treys during the 1992-93 season and 230 for his career, both school records.  His ability to drive to the hole made him difficult to stop and he ended up 2nd in career free throws and 4th in overall scoring with 934 points.  Tory was a 1st Team All-State choice in 1993.

Bruce Sain – 1996 – Bruce was a high-flying dunker.  He used his quickness and 6’4” height to take the ball to the hole.  He scored 616 career points and could also play some fine defense. Bruce helped the J-Hawks earn two trips to the state tournament.  He was a 2nd Team All-State as a senior.

Dell Mims – 2000 – Dell played varsity basketball for four years. He is among the career leaders in several categories.  Dell combined tough defense and a 14.6 average to earn 1st Team All-State honors.